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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blog Post #3

Working with your classmates to help them can be fun! Helping your classmates can be fun but it could also help you improve your own writing. It is important to always give compliments on your peers work, as you would want them to do on yours. Staying positive is very important when editing someones work, we want to correct them in an encouraging way.

As seen in the video making suggestions such as word choice, using details, and organization could make a huge difference in someones writing. Also, remembering proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling are critical things to use correctly in an assignment. Although these things may seem simple they are most likely the easiest thing to mess up or over look. Being specific in your corrections and suggestions is crucial to helping someone correct their work.

Things to Remember:
-Making good suggestions
-Stay Positive


  1. You worded your paragraphs very well. Stay positive when you are peer editing. This assignment might be very helpful when we become teachers and how to understand to be nice but specific when editing our students or fellow teachers.

  2. Your blog shows your interest in the video and the slides are on the same view as mine. The rules given are not hard to follow concerning how to edit. Staying positive, and not being a Picky Patty are my key rules to follow when peer editing.

  3. I totally agree Lindsey, it is so important to be open minded and polite when critiquing someone's work. If you start out with a bad attitude, that may cause them to become frustrated and want to ignore you and your advice. It is also very important to be specific. If your peer doesn't know exactly what to fix then how can they fix it?

  4. Please make sure to include working links in every blog posts.

    Also, do not assume that your reader has seen the video you are referencing or read the blog posts you refer to. Please include a short description and the link in your blog posts.