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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Blog Post #2


Your teaching methods should go hand in hand with the course that you are teaching. Professor Dancealot is teaching a dance class from a power point presentation. Most students cannot learn to dance from reading slides, it is more of a visual learning course. Professor Dancealot's teaching method was not effective at the end of the course judging by the students taking their final. I agree with this conclusion because students should learn in the best way that apply's most to their course.
Teaching in the 21st Century
1.Teachers can only provide:
2. Role in the life of students is obsolete; students can find information on:
3. Teachers are no longer the main source of knowledge; We are the filter
4. We must rethink the tools we use and the types of problems we ask students to solve. These tools must be:
5. See what’s out there
-find sites
-try software
-do research
6. Start Small
-ask others
8.Take a risk
-change can not happen without risk
Robert's makes very good points, and I do agree with him. Although, I am a little bit afraid to teach in the 21st century. Technology is becoming a bigger aspect of education everyday, while I am not the best at technology I am willing to learn and pass on what I learn to my students.
The Networked Student
The Networked Student talks about a student who uses many different resources to complete a course, with a teacher who believes in teaching with connectivism. Connectivism is the theory of learning that emphasizes the role of technology. This theory poses the question "why does the networked student even have a teacher?" The teacher is important here incase the student has a question or needs guidance about how to organize his thoughts and ideas. While I believe that technology is important in education I also believe that in class and book learning is very efficient.
Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
In this video Vickie Davis is teaching her students as well as learning from them. She and her students are teaching as well as learning with other students around the world. Davis shows that it is okay to not know everything about what you are teaching as long as you are willing to learn.
Who's Ahead in the Learning Race?
I definitely think that the younger students are ahead this day in age. When I was in elementary school we did not do hardly anything with computers. The young students now are most likely ahead of me with knowledge of computers, but I am still learning.
Flipping the Classroom
The idea of flipping the classroom is new to me. In my opinion I do not like the idea, I feel that it would be hard to be in a classroom where every student is not on the same page. Some students do need more attention than others, and I feel that because of that some may get more class time than others. It is harder to do things outside of the classroom when you do not have someone there to answer questions right then. Therefore, I do not think this will be useful for me because I feel that hands on learning is easier than counting on technology, I would rather teach and be more involved with my students.

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  1. You will nothave to teach your students how to use technology. You will have to guide them in using it for educational purposes, however. They will probably know more about technology than you do and will teach you how to use it.

    "...but I am still learning." And that will have to continue all of your career!

    "The idea of flipping the classroom is new to me. In my opinion I do not like the idea, ..." A judgement so quickly! Wow! And you expect it be an accurate judgement?

    "I do not thing this will be useful for me because I feel that hands on learning is easier than counting on technology,..." think, not thing