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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Project #8 Book Trailer

Ace Lacewing Bug Detective

C4K Summary for September

Summary #1
I was assigned to Jacob's blog post. Jacob's post was about him and a few classmates making an MTV movie to Michael Jackson's Heal the World. He scored himself a 3 out of 5 saying that he could have done better and next time he will put more effort into it.

My Comment
In my comment I introduced myself and told him where I was from. I told Jacob that an MTV movie sounds like fun and I would have loved to hear more details about it. I also told him that I enjoyed looking through his blog. I shared with Jacob that this was my first time blogging and included the link in my comment so he could check mine out and tell me what he thought.

Summary #2
For my second post I was assigned to Scott from Ms. Horsts' 5-1 class. In his post Scott talked about what it took to be a great math mathematician. He asks himself 6 questions when he does these math problems to make sure that he has done them correctly.

My Comment
In my comment to Scott I introduced myself and told him where I was from. I told Scott that he made excellent points and that those six questions are very important to ask yourself while doing math. I even told him that after reading his post I would apply these points in my own math class! I told him to keep up the good work.

Summary #3
This week I commented on Cale's blog from Mrs. Freitag's 4th grade class. Cael posted this week about what he did not like in school and what he would change. Cael made some great points about how students in every grade level should have recess or free time outside. He also talks about how less homework would be ideal so that he has his free time at home.

My Comment
I started by introducing myself and where I was from. I told Cael that I agreed with him that all students should have time outside at any grade level. I even told him that I wish i would have had it. I also told him that I agreed with him about less homework, because everyone like free time at home without the work!

idea bulb

Blog Post #6

Conversations with Anthony Capps
In the video Project Based Learning Part 1 Dr. Strange and Anthony Capps discussed project based learning. Mr. Capps talks about his third grade class and how much they enjoy project based learning. He states that the most important thing is content. Teachers must find content that most interests their students and makes them want to learn more. It is important that the students have an authentic audience so that they are motivated to do good quality work.

The second video was Project Based Learning Part 2 here Mr. Capps talks about his favorite project based learning assignment. This was on cultures and ways of life in other Countries. His students were allowed to do their own research. He says that you should never limit your students and to let them explore their own options. Mr. Capps says that giving your students a choice gives them a sense of ownership and pride in their work. This video really shows that kids do enjoy project based learning and everyone benefits from it.

The next video was iCurio . iCurio is an online filtered tool that allows students to safely search the web. This site allows you or your students to save things such as, unfinished work to help keep them organized. This is helpful to the students so that if they do need to stop working in the middle of their search they have a safe and organized place to keep what they have already researched. This sounds like a great site to use in the classroom and I will definitely use it in mine.

The forth video I watched was Discovery Education . Discovery Education is a tool used to help students get the best understanding of a topic. As Mr. Capps said, if a teacher is not and expert on a topic, discovery ed helps bring experts into the classroom. Dr. Strange goes on to make a very valid point by saying that students these days are "listen and watch learners". We tend to get a better understanding by listening and watching the explanation. I completely agree with that point, so I believe that Discovery Ed is a great tool.

In the video Tips For Teachers Part 1 we learn some key things for teaching. First, Dr. Strange states that we as teachers must be interested in learning as well as our students. If we as teachers are not willing to learn can we expect our students to be? Secondly, Mr. Capps says " work is not separate from play in teaching" we must enjoy our work in and out of the classroom. Next, teachers need to always be prepared for the unexpected, being flexible and creative is always important in any teaching situation. Their next point is engagement "no student left behind" Mr. Capps makes a great point in saying that it is important to always be completely engaged with our students so that we know that they understand. Lastly, reflection this is the goal. It is important that students reflect on their work and always make the corrections that need to be made, so that next time they know how to do it correctly.

In the video Use Technology Don't Teach It Mr. Capps says that teachers should not teach technology, at first this statement threw me off, but he makes excellent points to back it up. He says that instead of teaching it, let the students use the programs and figure them out themselves. This is something that is easy for third graders! He allows them to explore the programs on their own so that they get a better understanding. Honestly I wish that my third grade teacher would have allowed me to do this, even at 20 I still have a tough time with technology.

The last video was Additional thoughts about Lessons here Mr. Capps speaks about having 4 layers of teaching. The first being the year, in your year you must be sure that you cover all of your content standards required. The second layer is about making sure that somehow all of your lessons throughout your year are connected like a "unit". The third layer is your week, it is important that within your week the daily work is completed. Lastly, is your daily lesson and how you deliver it to your students. How are you going to involve them and make them want to know more?

Overall, I think that these videos were extremely important and filled with great advice on project based learning as well as being a teacher as a whole. Project based learning is a great thing to use in the classroom and the students seem to love it! Technology, although not my strongest is also crucial in the classroom these days. I will most definitely take this with me to the next level.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blog Post #5

What are PLN's? How will they help me?

PLN stands for personal learning network. PLN's are a great social media site for everyone, especially teachers! PLN's can keep you updated on the latest things all at one time. They have such a great variety from Amazon to Netflix . As a teacher I Could use a PLN for so many things. It is very helpful and convenient.

This week I created a PLN using Symbaloo . And I love it! It is as I said before great for everything. I can get news updates sent right to my phone. It took no time at all to create yet I can spend hours using it. Now that I have this PLN it will be so easy to access my EDM twitter. This will definitely make a difference in being a student and a teacher. Great for Everyone!


Project 3 Presentation

My sentence videos

My Sentence is..

My Passion is..

Monday, September 15, 2014

Search Engines

Search Engines

1. Wolframaalpha
is a site mainly for mathematical and scientific questions. It provides you with explanations and answers to your questions. I have never heard of or used this search engine, but I most definitely will after reading about it.

2. Dogpile Dogpile is google and yahoo put into one. This site filters your search results so you get all of what you are looking for. Dogpile came up with their name because they claim to pile all of the best results into one search!

3. DuckDuckGo is a site that is all about privacy. They help you find your answers faster with fewer clicks and keyboard shortcuts. This sites only priority is searching, they do not promote other sites while you search!

4. Ask is a site that I myself use often and find very useful. I have used ask for a very long time, even when it was "ask Jeeves". Ask has so many options, it even has its own blog. This site is mainly to ask questions and get answers.

5. Yahoo is a search engine that is much like google and bing. It has mail, news, sports etc. It is not much different from other search engines out there. In my opinion a little overwhelming at times.

6. Bing is more similar to google than any other search engine. It has a simple layout with a quick search. I have not used Bing so I am not familiar with it, but the feedback is very positive.

7. ixquick claims to be the most private search engine out there! It has more accurate, global, and and more comprehensive searches than anyone else, so it says. This appears to be for people who really love their privacy.

8. Blekko has a simple feel on the homepage. It is very different, and modern. They have their own search engine for smart phone this site powers three different products, izik, blekko, and rockzi.


Blog Post #4

What Questions do we ask? How do we ask?

After reading these articles I have learned a lot about how to ask questions and what questions to ask. The first article I read was Three Ways To Ask Better Questions in the Classroom . First, we must prepare questions while we are creating or writing lecture it is crucial that we do this so that we are prepared to ask important questions that relate directly to the content of out lecture. Next, we are to be sure to engage our students in the question asking process, by maybe leaving the question unanswered for a while to let their minds think about their answer. Lastly, this article states that we must preserve good questions. Good questions help students to see the importance of questions and how they make us think. The best questions of all are those we cannot answer.

We must remember that as teachers we do not know everything, as stated in The Right Way to Ask Questions in the Classroom this article taught me that questions to check understanding benefit the teacher more than the student, for instance some students might say that they understand when they really do not. It is important that we ask a variety of different questions to ensure that our students really do understand the material. We will always have those students that keep quiet and count on the smarter students to answer the questions for them. Including every student in the question process will help everyone in the end.

Asking Questions to Improve Learning was most helpful in my opinion. This article tells us to keep our course goals in mind as we ask questions. We must keep them in mind if we want our students to master core concepts and critical thinking skills. We must avoid questions that answer themselves this does not allow students to think of their own answers. Asking our students to explain their answers could also be helpful to everyone not only themselves. It is also important that we pay attention and do not interrupt the student as they are answering the question. We show that we are interested even if the students response is right or wrong.

These articles have really helped me to see the importance of how to ask questions and how to respond. This has been really helpful and I know it is something that I will take with me through all of my years of teaching.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

C4T Summary

Teachers Post #1
My Teacher was David Truss, his post was 4Notes on Taking Notes . This post was about tools and how you use them when it comes to note taking. It was discussed if digital or hand written notes was easier in todays student body.
My Comment
Being the type of student that I am, I do not necessarily like to rely on technology for my studies. In my opinion it depends on what type of learner you are to decide whether this is the right approach for you. For me personally I am a reading and writing learner, I prefer to read something from the board and write it myself. I tend to get a better understanding of the information that way.
Although I do realize that not everyone is like me in this aspect. This day in age students are more in touch with technology than I ever will be. So, therefore I think that with students now, google docs and photos may be a better idea for them. Technology is growing more and more everyday and with is advanced technology most students may find that method much easier.
Teacher Post #2
This week I commented on David's post about Leadership and teaching from the heart. Teaching in the Time Of.. he posted about being a leader in the time of change and conflict, he gave his readers and commenters a chance to fill in the blank with their own opinion; "Leading in the time of______?" I chose to say Transition.
My Comment #2
Leading In a Time Of Transition
In my opinion leadership starts with expectations and and vision for the future. A good leader builds trusting relationships and has open lines of communication. When a leader has a vision and a clear focus he/she allows the teachers to have a voice and allows them to explore different options, so that together expectations and clear vision can be reached. When you allow teachers to have this voice and a choice, then teachers will be able to teach from the heart. Teachers will be able to claim ownership as a clear vision and plan are developed. As you make the journey of transition successful using data, staying informed, and continually monitoring your plan are crucial. Most importantly being open to change and knowing that there is always room for improvement!


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blog Post #3

Working with your classmates to help them can be fun! Helping your classmates can be fun but it could also help you improve your own writing. It is important to always give compliments on your peers work, as you would want them to do on yours. Staying positive is very important when editing someones work, we want to correct them in an encouraging way.

As seen in the video making suggestions such as word choice, using details, and organization could make a huge difference in someones writing. Also, remembering proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling are critical things to use correctly in an assignment. Although these things may seem simple they are most likely the easiest thing to mess up or over look. Being specific in your corrections and suggestions is crucial to helping someone correct their work.

Things to Remember:
-Making good suggestions
-Stay Positive