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Sunday, September 14, 2014

C4T Summary

Teachers Post #1
My Teacher was David Truss, his post was 4Notes on Taking Notes . This post was about tools and how you use them when it comes to note taking. It was discussed if digital or hand written notes was easier in todays student body.
My Comment
Being the type of student that I am, I do not necessarily like to rely on technology for my studies. In my opinion it depends on what type of learner you are to decide whether this is the right approach for you. For me personally I am a reading and writing learner, I prefer to read something from the board and write it myself. I tend to get a better understanding of the information that way.
Although I do realize that not everyone is like me in this aspect. This day in age students are more in touch with technology than I ever will be. So, therefore I think that with students now, google docs and photos may be a better idea for them. Technology is growing more and more everyday and with is advanced technology most students may find that method much easier.
Teacher Post #2
This week I commented on David's post about Leadership and teaching from the heart. Teaching in the Time Of.. he posted about being a leader in the time of change and conflict, he gave his readers and commenters a chance to fill in the blank with their own opinion; "Leading in the time of______?" I chose to say Transition.
My Comment #2
Leading In a Time Of Transition
In my opinion leadership starts with expectations and and vision for the future. A good leader builds trusting relationships and has open lines of communication. When a leader has a vision and a clear focus he/she allows the teachers to have a voice and allows them to explore different options, so that together expectations and clear vision can be reached. When you allow teachers to have this voice and a choice, then teachers will be able to teach from the heart. Teachers will be able to claim ownership as a clear vision and plan are developed. As you make the journey of transition successful using data, staying informed, and continually monitoring your plan are crucial. Most importantly being open to change and knowing that there is always room for improvement!


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