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Monday, September 15, 2014

Search Engines

Search Engines

1. Wolframaalpha
is a site mainly for mathematical and scientific questions. It provides you with explanations and answers to your questions. I have never heard of or used this search engine, but I most definitely will after reading about it.

2. Dogpile Dogpile is google and yahoo put into one. This site filters your search results so you get all of what you are looking for. Dogpile came up with their name because they claim to pile all of the best results into one search!

3. DuckDuckGo is a site that is all about privacy. They help you find your answers faster with fewer clicks and keyboard shortcuts. This sites only priority is searching, they do not promote other sites while you search!

4. Ask is a site that I myself use often and find very useful. I have used ask for a very long time, even when it was "ask Jeeves". Ask has so many options, it even has its own blog. This site is mainly to ask questions and get answers.

5. Yahoo is a search engine that is much like google and bing. It has mail, news, sports etc. It is not much different from other search engines out there. In my opinion a little overwhelming at times.

6. Bing is more similar to google than any other search engine. It has a simple layout with a quick search. I have not used Bing so I am not familiar with it, but the feedback is very positive.

7. ixquick claims to be the most private search engine out there! It has more accurate, global, and and more comprehensive searches than anyone else, so it says. This appears to be for people who really love their privacy.

8. Blekko has a simple feel on the homepage. It is very different, and modern. They have their own search engine for smart phone this site powers three different products, izik, blekko, and rockzi.


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