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Monday, September 15, 2014

Blog Post #4

What Questions do we ask? How do we ask?

After reading these articles I have learned a lot about how to ask questions and what questions to ask. The first article I read was Three Ways To Ask Better Questions in the Classroom . First, we must prepare questions while we are creating or writing lecture it is crucial that we do this so that we are prepared to ask important questions that relate directly to the content of out lecture. Next, we are to be sure to engage our students in the question asking process, by maybe leaving the question unanswered for a while to let their minds think about their answer. Lastly, this article states that we must preserve good questions. Good questions help students to see the importance of questions and how they make us think. The best questions of all are those we cannot answer.

We must remember that as teachers we do not know everything, as stated in The Right Way to Ask Questions in the Classroom this article taught me that questions to check understanding benefit the teacher more than the student, for instance some students might say that they understand when they really do not. It is important that we ask a variety of different questions to ensure that our students really do understand the material. We will always have those students that keep quiet and count on the smarter students to answer the questions for them. Including every student in the question process will help everyone in the end.

Asking Questions to Improve Learning was most helpful in my opinion. This article tells us to keep our course goals in mind as we ask questions. We must keep them in mind if we want our students to master core concepts and critical thinking skills. We must avoid questions that answer themselves this does not allow students to think of their own answers. Asking our students to explain their answers could also be helpful to everyone not only themselves. It is also important that we pay attention and do not interrupt the student as they are answering the question. We show that we are interested even if the students response is right or wrong.

These articles have really helped me to see the importance of how to ask questions and how to respond. This has been really helpful and I know it is something that I will take with me through all of my years of teaching.



  1. Wonderful! Interesting and thorough!

  2. Hi Lindsey!!!!! I really enjoyed reading your blog post!!! I to agree with teachers engaging students in the question asking process!!! Sometimes students draft off into space when the teacher asks questions. Allowing students a few seconds to gather their answers will present more of a positive response! Asking open ended questions also will help to! What are other ways we can engage students in classroom discussions?