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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blog Assignment #1

What about EDM310
I have heard just a few things about EDM310. I have heard that it is very a challenging and time consuming course. On a positive note I have heard that EDM310 does get easier after the first couple of assignments. It is my first semester at South Alabama so I have not heard many other things concerning this course. Despite what I have heard I am willing to take the challenge.stressed out
I honestly have a few fears about taking on this course. I am not very knowledgable when it comes to computers or the programs we will be dealing with. I can not necessarily compare EDM310 to any other course that I have taken in the past, it will defiantly be one of the most difficult. I will find many things challenging about this course, keeping up with the assignments, getting them in on time, and completing all of the necessary details. The best way to address my issues I think will be, practicing better study habits and allowing myself enough time to complete my assignments.
What is Foliotek and how will it be useful for this course? The other questions I have about EDM310 are general questions that can be found in the syllabus.


  1. Practice.- that's how we learn! Foliotek is a state mandated repository of your work that allegedly demonstrates that you have been prepared to be a competent teacher. A good idea but poorly executed in Alabama.

    Welcome to EDM310.

  2. Lindsey,
    hang in there! we are all in the same boat and will probably have to depend on each other from time to time. good luck!