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Sunday, October 12, 2014

C4T #2


My blog post this week was Peer Revision Groups by Dana Murphy. In this Post Dana talks about students reviewing other students' writings. She posted three youtube videos as an example of this method. She tells us that she went to a seventh grade classroom and introduced this method she says they did a great job and she thinks they will only get better!

My Comment

In my comment I introduced myself and told Ms. Murphy I was a student at South Alabama.I told her that, I love the idea of peer editing in the classroom! As long as parameters are set. I like the fact that their doing it in groups and the teacher modeling it is a great idea. When I get my own students I plan to use this strategy.


In the next blog post Written Conversations Ms. Murphy tells us that they worked with an author and consultant Ellin Keene on expanding students' vocabulary. Then, she explains to us how the process works. First, students are sat with a partner, and the teacher gives them an open-ended question. Next, they write their ideas down and share them with each other. Lastly, they discuss it as a class so that everyone has fresh ideas. Ms. Murphy gives us some pictures of the seventh grade students writings.

My Comment

I started my comment by introducing myself again. I told Ms. Murphy that even now, in college I have trouble expanding my vocabulary. I told her that I thought this was a great exercise for all students to use. The samples of the students writings were great I will definitely take this assignment with me to the next level.

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