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Monday, October 6, 2014

Blog Post #7

The first video I watched was How to make a QR Code . In this video Ms. Bennett shows us step by step how to create a QR audio code. Using QR audio codes can and will be very useful to me as a teacher. I can read to my class or, they can record themselves reading. I think students would really enjoy this.

The second video was iPad Reading Center . Here a teacher has a center set up in her classroom where students can record themselves reading. After they record themselves, they play their video back and listen to themselves to check for mistakes. This is a great idea for students who are learning to read. By the teacher watching the videos she can help the students in areas where they are struggling. I love this idea for students, I feel that it is really beneficial for both the teacher and the student.

The next video was Poplet with Ginger Tuck Ms. Tuck shows us a program called Poplet. Poplet allows students to make their own web using their own words and pictures. This program is great for helping students learn the information and also help with their typing skills. Poplet is a great program for helping students with various skills. I know I would love to use this program once I am in the classroom.

The forth video was AVL and Kindergarten Students In this video the students are able to long on to AVL and do research themselves. I find it amazing that kindergartners are using this website that I first heard about in high school. This project allows students to do many different activities. Such as: research, drawing pictures, and writing sentences. This is a great learning activity for all students.

In the video Discovery Education Board Builder Moon Project Ms. Shirley and her student Carley show us how to create a board using Discovery Education. Carley is only in first grade and she showed us everything about this website! She showed us how to search for pictures, videos and other information about her topic. This is a great site for students of all ages. It is easy to operate and very helpful to students and teachers.

The next video was Mrs. Tassin Board Builder Project . In this video Mrs. Tassin allows two of her students to tell us about their Board Builder Project on whales. The two students did their own research and added their own pictures to their board. This project seems to have been a great learning experience both about whales and research. The boys seemed to have enjoyed their project.

In the video Sharing Board Builder Project Mrs. Tassin has three students sharing their board builder project. These three students did their own research on their topic about The Haven. The girls start off asking everyone watching a question. Then they share with us the information we need to know about The Haven and what the donations will be spent on. They share with us that they got their information from opening safari and then googling different things that they needed for their project. This is a great Project Based Learning activity.

Next, in Using iMovie and AVL Dr. Strange, Michele Bennett, and Elizabeth Davis talk about students using iMovie and AVL. Ms. Bennett talked about how much her students love iMovie and never want to stop using it. She only had to demonstrate this a few times before students were doing it on their own. She talked about how students always wanted to keep working and editing their movies to make them better. Next, Ms. Davis talked about students using AVL she says that it is very easy for her students to use this site for many things. This site is easy and free at all times! Dr. Strange was absolutely right when he said his students did not even know how to use iMovie. I think that it is great that students get to use these things a such a young age.

The last video was We All Become Learners . In this video Dr. Strange, Michele Bennett, and Elizabeth Davis talk about everyone being a learner. Ms. Bennett begins talking about how one of her kindergarten students showing her how to use an iPad. Ms. Bennett tells us how she learns something from someone else whether it be a student or a teacher everyday! I feel that it is important to understand that it is okay to not know everything when we become teachers. It is great to learn from students!



  1. Lindsey,
    I agree that audio QR codes will be important to us as future educators. I believe that it will be a great tool to use with our students. I'm thinking of creating one of me reading a book for my nephew and mailing him the code and a copy of the book. It will be good to get some practice with it and get familiarized with the websites. I feel that I am a learner and I'm amazed by students knowledge now. I can't wait to see what I will learn from them when I am a teacher and with them every day of the week. Great post!

  2. Thorough, thoughtful, very well done!