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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blog Post #9

In Seven Essentials for Project Based Learning we learn that it is important to keep our students attention while introducing a project. Students do not care about "busy work", but having an "entry event" such as; a field trip or guest speaker will keep their attention.
Every good project needs: Students to see the project personally so that it is meaningful and they will want to do it well. Secondly, a meaningful project fulfills an educational purpose, project based learning is meaningful in both ways.

Project Based Learning for Teachers starts out asking a question about what teachers want in a classroom. Project Based Learning poses a question about an event or issue that allows the student to do their own research. This helps the students gain a better understanding of the project. Students have a voice and a choice in their learning.

Next, I watched What Motivates Students . I was a little bit surprised by some of the students' answers about what motivates them. I was surprised because, they seem to be very interested in being successful when they grow up, with a good job and a family. These students were rewarded for their good grades and good behavior. Some were rewarded food, school supplies, or fun class activities. Rewarding students for good grades and behavior in school is a great way to keep them motivated.

In the article Project Based Learning in PE high school students had to create a beneficial physical fitness program for middle school students. This project also meets the physical education standards. This project effects students everywhere in everyday life. Physical fitness should be a part of everyday life. In this project the students learn many things such as; teamwork, how to stay fit and live a healthy life.

Lastly, I watched High School Teachers Meet the Challenges of PBL . In this video teachers talk about how they thought that PBL would affect their math and english classrooms. One teacher says that it PBL is helping engage all of their students. Another teacher states that is it great for teachers to create their own courses and for the teacher to have the voice. These teachers seemed unsure about change in the beginning but really seemed to like the process of PBL in the classroom. It really gets the students more involved.



  1. "I was a little bit surprised by some of the students' answers about what motivates them. " Why?

    "...PBL would effect their math and english classrooms. " affect, not effect Look up the differences.

    Thorough. Thoughtful.

  2. This was a well thought out blog post. Great Job!