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Sunday, November 9, 2014

C4T #3

Teacher Post
Mr. Richardson posts an article by David Edwards. In this article Mr. Edwards talks about an increasing urgency to explore a new way of thinking about education. Then, Mr. Richardson says "despite some movement toward more discovery learning outside of school, inside of school is getting worse. More testing. Pre-K Common Core curriculum. Fewer and fewer opportunities to stretch outside the classroom and the traditional pedagogies that everyone seems to expect in the new evaluation regimes." We Need Discoverers

My Comment
I am a student in EDM310, where we are learning a lot about project based learning and the importance of asking questions. I feel that having PBL in my classroom in the future will really help students have a better understanding of the real world. Giving my students a chance to search the web for their own information will help them to see what is really out there. I enjoyed looking through your blog!

Teacher Post
Mr. Richardson posts a statement made by Gary Stager. Mr. Stager believes that as time goes on children's time in schools will decrease. Basically he is saying that there will come a time when children will only go to school for a few hours if they even go at all. He says that in the future the schools will still be there, there just will not be any kids in them. Mr. Stager believes that he is 110% accurate with this statement. Schools Dying Monopoly on Children's Time

My Comment

I feel differently about this topic. According to cnsnews.com 49.5% of today's society depends on the government, therefore they can not necessarily live on their own. School is a place for parents to send their children where there is free food and technology that they most likely do not have at home. I think that the government/politicians realize that school is also a place where children can go and stay out of trouble. Reading these statistics I feel that students time in school will not change anytime soon as long as 49.5% of Americans are living off of the government.

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