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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog Post #14

1. Hiring teachers
2. Seniority

1.Not hiring teachers just because they have a degree
2.Just because a teacher has been teaching longer does not mean they are better

Picking from the Best

In Teaching Our Children Can be a Profession Mr. Klein suggests in this article that teachers should not just be chosen because they have a degree. He states that the teachers who graduate top of their class should be given first priority. In my opinion, if a student works hard enough to earn a degree, then they deserve an equal chance. Everyone in the college of education has to go through the same process, even student teaching. Therefore, if you have achieved goals and received a degree you deserve a chance.


Just like in many other aspects, seniority sometimes has its way in the school system as well. It is stated that when lay-offs come the new teachers are the first to go. Mr. Klein suggests that just because a teacher has been there longer, does not mean they get to stay. I agree with him in this statement. I feel that many new teachers have an advantage and can relate more to the students, especially with technology.

Earning a degree wether you are at the top of the class or not makes no difference. I feel that a earning a degree as teachers we are equal. As far as seniority goes, new teachers could have a great advantage. Bringing new knowledge of technology to the classroom would be crucial for students this day in age. Therefore, I agree and disagree with some of Mr. Joel Klein's problems and solutions.

Joel Klein

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  1. Great post! You perfectly addressed this problem. I completely agree with you on seniority. Seriously, well done!